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PhraseExpress can optionally detect repeated text input of typing errors, individual words or entire sentences and save them as text modules. This feature can be enabled/disabled and configure this feature. The filters restrict which text entries are to be considered for the autocomplete function. Mar 10,  · Just right-click the PhraseExpress system tray icon, click Clipboard Express and select the URL from the list. The program also recognises repetitive text automatically and can complete full sentences for you. A macro facility carries out special tasks just by typing text shortcuts, so, for instance, you might type “word” to launch Microsoft Word. PhraseExpress embeds bitmaps into formatted phrases, regardless if they are linked to a local file or URL in any HTML formatted phrase. Inserting formatted phrases. PhraseExpress sends a formatted phrase to the clipboard in RTF, plain text and HTML, which is .


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Nov 21,  · PhraseExpress is a Office and Business Tools application like Converter Pro, Lingoes, and PDF Reducer from Bartels Media. It has a simple and basic user interface, and most importantly, it is free to download. PhraseExpress is an efficient software that Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. Launch ” ” from the USB device. Copy any existing phrase file ” ” onto the USB device and load it into PhraseExpress. If you have purchased a license key, register your USB thumb drive installation. The portable mode is indicated in the PhraseExpress title bar. PhraseExpress can optionally detect repeated text input of typing errors, individual words or entire sentences and save them as text modules. This feature can be enabled/disabled and configure this feature. The filters restrict which text entries are to be considered for the autocomplete function.
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What are the system requirements for PhraseExpress? Please find the system requirements on the download pages of the Windows or Mac version. PhraseExpress doesn’t work at all Check if PhraseExpress is actually running. The speech bubble program icon must be visible in the Windows system tray near the time and date info.

If you still don’t see the task tray icon, Windows may hide it in a popup menu. Click the task bar triangle icon and drag the PhraseExpress icon onto the task bar for quick access: If the PhraseExpress tray icon is gray-colored, PhraseExpress is temporarily disabled see chapter ” Temporarily disable PhraseExpress “.

Such programs have become quite aggressive and may especially locking up browsers from receiving automated text input. Look for options called ” keylogger protection ” or ” sandboxing “. Click the X button in the upper right of the program window to minimize the PhraseExpress program. If this fails, check, if any PhraseExpress dialog window is hidden under any other program window. If you have multiple PhraseExpress installations on different computers, try reproducing the issue on another computer.

If it works on the other computer, it is very likely, that the configuration on the malfunctioning computer is the cause for the issue as PhraseExpress does not discriminate particular computers.

To isolate incompatibility issues, close any program that may process keyboard input or the clipboard other clipboard managers, autotext utilities or special multimedia keyboard drivers, e. Reset the PhraseExpress configuration to system defaults to resolve any configuration mistakes.

Autotext does not work Autotext trouble-shooting video Does the desired phrase exist and is an autotext associated to the phrase? Does an unsuitable auto-text option prevent recognition? Text programs such as Microsoft Word may have an optional feature to automatically capitalize text at the beginning of a sentence. As a result, PhraseExpress cannot recognize autotext that starts with a lowercase letter, as it may be altered by the text program.

Solution: Define another autotext in PhraseExpress that starts with uppercase letters or disable the uppercase automatic in the text program. Text input-aware applications detect keyboard input through a daisy-chain of “keyboard hooks”. Poorly programmed applications may break this chain and programs later in the queue are cut off from the text input. Solution: Close and restart PhraseExpress to re-arrange the chain of keyboard hooks. Alternatively, exit any other application, that may listen for keyboard input to check for interferences.

Hotkey do not work If a hotkey does not work as expected, please check if you accidentally removed the hotkey definition: Open the main program window. Click the magnifying glass above the phrase tree and in the popup, select to search for hotkeys. Click into the search text box and press the actual hotkey.

If no phrase shows up in the phrase, the hotkey is not associated to any phrase and you may need to assign the hotkey. Phrases can be restricted to specific applications. Make sure, that the Autotext is not excluded from the application in which you are trying to use it.

PhraseExpress cannot insert text into target programs which have been launched with Administrative privileges. In such case, launch PhraseExpress with Administrative privileges as well by right-clicking the PhraseExpress tray icon: Some target applications may have non-standard text input fields, that may prevent external text injection, e. Please consult the maker of the program to check whether they intentionally blocked text insertion.

PhraseExpress supports a variety of text insertion methods. Please experiment with the paste method settings. Insert the phrase in Windows Notepad or Wordpad. These programs are quite basic with any known interference and a good way to verify, if the target application causes the issue.

PhraseExpress doesn’t work in Microsoft Edge Browser We are aware of incompatibility issues with Edge which seem to have been introduced by Microsoft with a recent Windows 10 “Creators” upgrade. Alternatively, consider using another browser like Chrome or FireFox.

All phrases are gone Don’t panic! It is very unlikely, that your phrases are gone – PhraseExpress does not have any function to delete your current phrase file. Solution for local phrase files: Tell PhraseExpress the phrase file location by loading the phrase file.

The default phrase file name is ” phrases. The default phrase file path is described in manual chapter ” Storage locations “. Please note, that the default path changed beginning with PhraseExpress v Deleted phrases can be restored from the recycle bin. If the recycle bin is empty, try to restore an earlier phrase file from the backup.

If option ” File » Restore ” is disabled, experienced Windows users can manually restore a backup from the back repository. Related pages Manual backup restore Items are missing in the phrase menu If you miss items in the phrase menu, please check following settings: The phrase may exist in a phrase menu but the menu may be to small.

Press Arrow-Down or Page-Down to scroll through the menu or drag the menu window edges to resize it. Have you configured the item to be hidden from the phrase menu? Have you restricted the item to specific programs? In such case, the item is filtered from the phrase menu if necessary. Have access restrictions been applied to the item?

Perhaps another user has withdrawn your read rights in the meantime? Use the search to find the element you are looking for. Text insertion is scrambled Please check the following if text is text inserted incompletely or with wrong characters: Applications and web browser input forms may use Javascript to process your input which may interfere with the PhraseExpress text insertion.

For example, Adobe Dreamweaver or software development software “IDEs” can perform heavy text input processing. You may need to change the paste method to clipboard paste in such case. If you use the browser Apple Safari v5. If the first few letters of a text insertion are doubled in any Office program such as Word, Excel or Outlook , then most likely the AutoCorrect feature of MS Office is enabled and interferes with the AutoCorrect feature of PhraseExpress.

If text is inserted only partially or broken, then your computer perhaps is slower than PhraseExpress trying to insert the text.

In such case, increase the paste delays. If scrambled text is inserted, please verify if a suitable keyboard language is enabled. Also make sure to use the clipboard paste method if using Asian languages. If inserting RTF- or Word formatted text, make sure that the computer has all required fonts installed that you have used in the phrase. If the insertion of any phrase into a target program still fails, try this workaround: Press and hold the CTRL -key while selecting the phrase from the popup menu.

PhraseExpress will copy the phrase contents into the clipboard instead pasting it. You can then paste the phrase manually by using the clipboard. If the first character s of the autotext is not removed when inserting the phrase, most probably the auto-capitalization feature of the target application interferes and prevents PhraseExpress from fully removing the typed autotext before the phrase is inserted. Workaround: Do not trigger phrases by autotext but by hotkey.

Then type the beginning of the description of the phrase you wish to insert and confirm with the confirmation key TAB by default.

Textformatting is wrong Bitmaps and text formatting Formatted phrases are a complex topic as multiple different factors are involved: The source program from which you create a phrase from. The settings of the target program that receives the formatted phrase. Varying font sets installed on the source and the destination computer. Phrase formatting output settings as defined in the PhraseExpress settings. Saving a formatted phrase If you highlight a phrase in the source program and create a new phrase in PhraseExpress, the following happens: PhraseExpress triggers a “copy to clipboard” action with the highlighted text.

The source program fills the clipboard with the text contents, eventually in multiple formatting variations HTML, RTF, plain text and eventually custom formats, such as native Microsoft Word formatting. Microsoft Wordpad provides RTF and plain text. Microsoft Notepad provides plain text only. Browsers Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.

Please contact the vendor of the source application for information about supported formats. You may also consider to create the phrase directly with the built-in PhraseExpress editor. The target app selects the preferred formatting variation. PhraseExpress has no influence in the target application’s formatting choice. However, you can configure PhraseExpress which format to use to output phrases Settings » Expert Options » Text insertion » Phrase output format.

Review the target program clipboard paste settings, if available. For example, Microsoft Word has detailed clipboard paste conversion settings. Please note, that phrases with bitmaps cannot be synchronized between Windows and Mac due to different storage technologies of either operating system.

The clipboard is inserted instead of the phrase Depending on the text insertion settings , PhraseExpress may use the Windows clipboard as a vehicle to insert phrases into a target application. As clipboard operations tend to lag, PhraseExpress waits a certain period of time allowing the clipboard to be filled with the phrase contents. If the default delay doesn’t give the clipboard enough time, the clipboard insertion may be triggered too fast before the clipboard has been populated with the actual phrase.

Solution: Increase the paste delays. Close any other software in the background to isolate potential incompatibilities or interferences. I don’t get any autocomplete text suggestions The autocomplete feature is disabled by default.

Sentences must be entered identically at least three times before they are considered by PhraseExpress for suggestion. Make sure, that you enter sentences without making typos to let PhraseExpress identify them as repetitive input. Sentences must have a certain minimum length to be suggested. Is the Text prediction feature configured to work in only specific applications? The AutoSuggest feature is generally disabled for Asian languages.