Lego ninjago tournament of elements game.Lego Ninjago Tournament


Lego ninjago tournament of elements game


Building Instructions.Tournament of Elements – LEGO® NINJAGO® Sets – for kids


Description LEGO Ninjago: Tournament is a side-scrolling fighting game based on season 4 of Tournament of Elements, part of the LEGO Ninjago franchise. Master Chen organized the Tournament of Elements. Fighting as one of the ninjas the player must defeat the other Elemental Masters, all with own unique abilities known from the cartoon series. LEGO® Ninjago™ Tournament is the game that combines two of your favourite worlds. Everyone likes LEGO, so enjoy its gameplay and original features which make this a true and classic LEGO game, while you experience some of the Ninjago adventures. We welcome you to the Master Chen’s Tournament of Elements and hope you are up to the task! Dec 03,  · Enjoy a fun Ninjago game online and have a blast in the arena against payers from all over the world here on Lego Ninjago: Tournament of the Brave it’s a fun platform multiplayer arena fighting game developed with WebGL technology. This allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers. Have fun online and explore other cool similar Ninjago games lego .


Lego ninjago tournament of elements game.LEGO Ninjago Tournament of the Brave

Features of LEGO® Ninjago Tournament for Android include complete freedom of action on the game arena, a wide selection of additional settings and elements, pumped skills of heroes and learning new techniques, special bonuses, assignments, daily quests with prizes and much more. At the same time, you can download the game for free! Jun 13,  · LEGO® Ninjago™ Tournament GAME description. You’ve been invited to enter Master Chen’s Tournament of Elements. Utilize your Ninja Training to unlock your True Potential, and defeat the other Elemental Masters! Face-off against the all new . Jan 01,  · Product description. Get kids staging spectacular battles from season 4 of the LEGO NINJAGO TV series with this Tournament of Elements () playset. The highly detailed temple has a battle platform, a rotating weapon platform, a spinner weapon and a collection of jade blades. Featuring 7 minifigures: ninjas Kai, Jay and Lloyd Legacy, masters of elements Bolobo, Jacob and Gravis, and the /5(27).
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Tournament of Elements – LEGO® NINJAGO® Sets – for kids
LEGO® Ninjago™ Tournament
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Move into boost mode with the wings out, fire the spring-loaded shooters or release a mech and 2 mini submarines into your epic battle. But watch out for the Prince on his chariot! The 2-in-1 vehicle can drive across land or be transformed into a submarine to dive to the bottom of the sea. Detach the drone to keep an eye on the pesky Guards! Watch out for the dangerous eel-like Maaray Guard — he is primed to wage war against you to win the precious wave amulet!

Power into battle in this incredible 4-in-1 Ultra Sonic Raider to battle the snake warriors! Take apart the vehicle to create a plane with golden blade wings, 2 all-terrain vehicles and a cool motorcycle to show off all your ninja might. Fly into battle with the ninjas and their terrifying dragon to take on the evil Wyplash!

Jump into the saddle and soar into the sky before swooping down with an attack on the creepy skeleton general. Stand back in awe as Nya fuses with her elemental power and becomes a fierce Water Dragon who can swish her tail to use as a deadly weapon. Help Scuba Zane zoom into action inside his cool mini submarine.

Watch out for the traps and the shooters waiting for you, and be careful not to wake the powerful sea serpent Wojira. Team up with Kai and his powerful motorcycle to take on the dangerous snake warrior Rattla! Jump behind the controls and roar into action on the red, black and gold bike. Look out! Rattla is launching dangerous missiles at you from his catapult! Can you grasp the sword and lead the ninja to victory?

It is essential you help him triumph over the advancing forces of evil! Go on the attack by jumping on a superfast jet ski or sitting on the back of a dragon swooping down from the sky.

Capture this dangerous villain and dock at the small island to throw him in prison! Help Cole defeat the forces of darkness as he confronts Ghost Warrior in a thrilling all-action battle! Jump on board the battle platform to ride into action and deliver a final hit! Who will win this ultimate battle between good and evil and claim the 4 weapons? Packed with 19 minifigures, you can team up again with the ninjas and their allies to play out favorite action scenes from the NINJAGO TV series, or proudly display this eye-catching model.

Team up with Zane as he confronts the dangerous Nindroid fighting machine in an epic battle! Watch out as he retaliates with a large sword! Who will triumph in this ultimate battle between good and evil and win the prized white weapons? Even without traditional ninja training, Nya is a competent fighter! She wields a katana as her weapon, and never shies away from combat.

The Master of Water dominates the battle everywhere she goes. Which fan-made Building Challenges did Jay like best? Will we both make it safely onto the mysterious island? Find out all this and more in our 2nd ever Ninja Vlog! Yes, the time he started turning into a snake! That funny moment when he hid in the bathroom — and came out with a tail. Not so sure about that But you could say lots of girls like honesty. When Jay told the truth, Nya gave him a kiss.

And good thing that turned him back into a human! Realizing who he truly is, Zane is able to overcome all obstacles of his heart. It may come as no surprise he is also the first ninja to unlock their true potential. Because when we are generous to others, destiny is generous to us. Zane always felt different from the rest, but he never knew why. Then one day he discovered his Nindroid identity. Even as a robot, Zane is easily the most generous.

Willing to cook a tasty meal for his friends, and literally sacrifice his own life to save theirs. Who needs humor when you have a heart of gold! Cole wields the elemental power of earth, but his true secret weapon is balance.

Power strong enough to move the ground — or even cause earthquakes! His only weakness But can you blame him? Remember when Lloyd was trying to be an evil overlord? But through these funny fails eventually came wisdom And Lloyd discovered his true destiny. Hey everyone! Jay and Nya here. Only when Cole mastered balance could he unlock is true potential. What was holding him back?

His relationship with his father. But then he realized Although very different people, his dad and him still have a lot in common. Achieving balance of the mind and body is what made Cole a better dancer! Cole can dance, fight, and make us laugh all at the same time! Possessing the power of balance, the Master of Earth is suitably grounded.

Help Jay to overcome obstacles and fight off enemies in the dangerous world of Prime Empire video game. Can you make it to the last level? What are you looking for? Privacy Policy. Tournament of Elements Description Team up with the ninjas and elemental masters for an action-packed tournament of ninja skills!

Jump in the spinning weapon, strap on roller blades or take on the rotating weapon as you train to become a ninja. Who will grasp a prized jade blade and triumph in the Tournament of Elements?

Download Building Instructions – Tournament of Elements. View Set. Watch All. Ninjago The Master Of Water. Watch Video.

Ninjago Ninja Vlog 2: Arrivals, Discoveries and Ninjago Mastering Honesty Even as a Snake. Ninjago The Potential of Generosity.